Our Philosophy

The Difference

Neyhart, Anderson, Flynn & Grosboll believes that clients are entitled to the highest quality of legal representation.  Thus, our firm has always been very selective in its hiring.  We look at a person’s past accomplishments as well as his or her future potential.  We look for attorneys who not only have a capacity for hard work, but who bring to the practice maturity, balance and a commitment to excellence.

We believe that adequate preparation is essential for sound legal representation.  We give legal advice only after a full evaluation of the problems facing a client, and only after making an honest and non-doctrinaire analysis of the probabilities of success. 

While we believe in the aggressive representation of our clients and their interests, we also believe very strongly in what we term “preventive law.”  That is, we try to counsel our clients in a way that will avoid legal problems and costly litigation.  We believe that one of the most important services we can provide for our clients is an understanding of the law so that they can handle many of their problems themselves, without fear of making mistakes. 

We have not forgotten that the union membership and the officers of unions – and not their lawyers – must, in the final analysis, determine the direction their organizations will take.  We strongly believe that policy decisions – what an organization should do or should not do in a given set of circumstances – are within the province of the officers and members of the organization.  Our function, as lawyers, is to give those officers and members the best advice possible so that they can make informed and reasoned decisions.  Once a policy decision has been made, our function is to use our skills to effectuate that policy.

Finally, our commitment to the labor movement is steadfast.  It is the reason why we work where we do.  We want to represent working men and women and their unions.  We do it because we believe in it.