Our Clients

Sample of Labor Organizations and Trust Funds We Represent

Amalgamated Transit Union (Several Local Unions in California and Nevada)

The firm is proud to represent more Amalgamated Transit Union (“ATU”) Local Unions in California than any other law firm.   We have been associated with the ATU for decades, in many instances at the outset of the early collective bargaining agreements for many Local Unions.  We have many ATU clients in Northern California (San Jose, San Rafael, Concord, Sacramento and Stockton) as well as Southern California (Los Angeles, Arcadia and San Bernardino).   We also represent the ATU Local in Las Vegas, Nevada.   In addition, we represent the ATU’s California Conference Board, which is the State Board which monitors current legislation and other developments impacting the ATU throughout California.   Those unions represent bus drivers, maintenance workers, clerical and many other employees in public and private transit.

United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industries of the United States and Canada (UA)

The firm has represented U.A. Locals 342 and 350 for decades.  The firm does all necessary work for U.A. Locals 342 and 350 and related employee benefit funds including any litigation, and arbitration.  The firm performs the employee benefit work for U.A. Local 467, including litigation and ERISA collections. 

IBEW-NECA Labor-Management Benefit Funds

The firm currently represents numerous IBEW-NECA labor-management benefit funds, including:  180 (Solano-Napa Counties), 234 (Central Coast), 302 (Contra Costa County), 340 (Sacramento Area), 413/639 (Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo), 401 (Reno), 441 (Orange County),  617 (San Mateo), and 684 (Central Valley).   The firm also continues to handle ERISA collections for the IBEW Local 6 funds.

Union Clients

For some of our union clients, we are the sole counsel and perform all of the union's work. For other clients, we are asked to do selective projects.

Amalgamated Transit Union

Local 1277 (Los Angeles)
Local 256   (Sacramento)
Local 265   (San Jose)
Local 276   (Stockton)
Local 1575  (San Rafael)
Local 1605  (Concord)
Local 1637  (Las Vegas, NV)
Local 1704  (San Bernardino)
Local 1756  (Arcadia)

U.A. Local 342  (Concord)
U.A. Local 467  (Burlingame)
U.A. Local 350  (Reno)

IBEW Local 6       (San Francisco)
IBEW Local 617   (San Mateo)
IBEW Local 1245 (Vacaville)

Transport Workers Union Local 200  (San Francisco)

Trust Fund Clients

We represent numerous joint Labor-Management Employee Benefit funds. The included local union is in parenthesis after the fund or funds are listed.

Sheet Metal Workers Pension Plan of Northern California
            (Sheet Metal Workers Local 104)

Northern California Pipe Trades Pension Plan
Northern California Pipe Trades Supplemental 401(k) Retirement Plan
Northern California Pipe Trades Health and Welfare Plan
U.A. Local 342 Labor Management Fund
U.A. Local 342 Joint Apprenticeship Trust
            (U.A. Local 342 in Concord)

U.A. Local 467 Defined Benefit Pension Plan
U.A. Local 467 Defined Contribution Plan
U.A. Local 467 Health and Welfare Plan
            (U.A. Local 467 in Burlingame)

U.A. Local 350 Retirement Plan
U.A. Local 350 Health & Welfare Trust
            (Plumbers and Pipefitters in Reno, Nevada area)

Contra Costa County Electrical Workers Retirement Plan
Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Plan for Contra Costa County
            (IBEW Local 302 in Martinez)

San Mateo Electrical Construction Industry Retirement Plan
San Mateo Electrical Workers Apprenticeship Program
San Mateo Electrical Workers Health Care Plan
            (IBEW Local 617 in San Mateo)

Orange County Electrical Workers Defined Contribution Pension Plan
            (IBEW Local 441 in Orange)

Central California IBEW-NECA Pension Trust Fund
Santa Barbara County Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Trust
Santa Luis Obispo County Electrical Apprenticeship and Training fund
            (IBEW Locals 413 and 639 in San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara)

IBEW Local 234 Health and Welfare Fund
IBEW Local 234 Joint Apprenticeship Trust
            (IBEW Local 234 in Castroville)

Electrical Workers Pension and Profit Sharing Plan for Northern Nevada
Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Trust for Northern Nevada
            (IBEW Local 401 in Reno, Nevada))

IBEW Local 1245 Money Purchase Pension Plan
            (Tree Trimmers and related workers)

IBEW Local 1245 Staff Pension and 401k Plan

Northern California Electrical Workers Pension Trust (Certain Work)
IBEW Local 6 Joint Apprenticeship Trust
           (IBEW Local 6 in San Francisco)

Electrical Industry Service Bureau (IBEW Local 6 collections)

IBEW Local 684 Pension Trust Funds 

Sacramento Area Electrical Workers Trust Funds 
           (IBEW Local 340 – Sacramento)

Solano-Napa Electrical Workers Trust Funds 
           (IBEW Local 180 – Vallejo)

Sound and Communications Workers Trust Fund 
           (Various IBEW Locals)

San Francisco Bricklayers Local No. 7 Pension Plan
San Francisco Bricklayers Local No. 7 Defined Contribution Plan

Bricklayers Local No. 16 Pension Trust

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1277 Retirement Plan
            (Los Angeles County, MTA)

Oakland Firefighters Health & Welfare Trust
            (IAFF Local 55)